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Love blogging

I love hese little blogs cuz you can share things with ppl you dont no & they dont really care so its like a little journal entry online its cool :) So update with the guy, i really like him. Hes sweet. My parents want to meet him and thats gonna be dads getting a gun. This should be interesting! I hope my bf doesnt scare easily!

Well I changed my mind

I kinda like serprises. Turned out the guy I liked liked me back and he called me up at 12:27 (yes thats definately the time he called!) and asked me out that night after we went skating! Im pretty sure my dads gonna flip though... this guy will be my first bf cuz i wasnt planning on dating untill i got out of this dumb city but i guess its time to see how this turns out.
My mood: very blessed


Life is not very good as o today because of my boy problems and car problems! And this sucks. My car got a flat and were goin through all this trouble and jsut nothing is goin how i thought it would today is just not a very good day and tonight im really nervious cuz me and my friends and the guy i -secretly-like are all going skating and im seriously not in the mood for anything unexpected.

Wiccan School!

I found a really cool wiccan school ad I'm all excited for it because its free and it sounds totally amazing and its online and I went though all the course descriptions and I want to do it so bad until I come to a parent letter that a parent has to sign for me to join a course. Yeah...this is gonna be fun trying to explain to my mother I want to take wiccan courses online because I am a wiccan....Well i guess i had to come out of the broom closet sometime right? Anybody have any thoughts... advice? I really could use it.

Each new day

Each new day is a mystery to me and it always finds away to surprise me and I'm glad because if it wasnt for those surprises and my magic life would certainly not be interesting. I'm glad I have the little things in life that make to smile to look forward to.  

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